, Best time for job seekers to ask about pay, Nzuchi Times

Best time for job seekers to ask about pay

, Best time for job seekers to ask about pay, Nzuchi Times

Jobseekers need to become more comfortable talking about money.

If you are applying for a job, be confident asking what the salary range is and sharing what you deserve.

If a potential employer says “no” to the figure you put forward, be comfortable negotiating options.

What else is on the table other than money?

There are a lot of job ads that do not list the salary or only list a range.

It’s like the real estate market, they tell you roughly the amount to get you in, then say “you are not quite hitting the mark so we will give you less”.

It has happened to me back in the day.

If they don’t mention money in the job advertisement, pick up the phone and ask.

Before the first interview, ask what the range is.

Why would you invest five hours of your time to prepare and go and interview if it is not the rate you are looking for?

If the employer looks down on you for doing that, they were going to pay you terribly anyway so you dodged a bullet.

They want to lure people in and potentially get you passionate about a role then maybe get you across the line for less money.

They say “we want you to apply because you love the job”, but, you know what? People love paying rent, too.

I think we should be upfront about salary, at least with a range.

Women in particular need to be confident enough to ask for an amount then stand their ground.

Ask, then don’t budge.

And don’t apologise for asking.

Women tend to struggle more with this because they generally don’t like conflict and they don’t want to be laughed at.

They don’t want the rejection.

They don’t like being uncomfortable.

But they have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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