, Help with your complimentary magazine subscription, Nzuchi Times

Help with your complimentary magazine subscription

, Help with your complimentary magazine subscription, Nzuchi Times

How do I redeem my three month magazine subscription?

You can redeem your subscription to your chosen magazine by using the link provided in the email that we will send you in the first week of your subscription. Once you click on this link, you will be able to select your chosen magazine and enter your details to redeem your subscription on the magazine’s website. No payment details will be required.  

When does the link expire? 

Your unique link to choose your magazine subscription will expire on October 24 2021.  

What should I do if the link tells me it has already been redeemed/expired? 

If you’re having trouble redeeming your magazine subscription, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue for you.  

Will my three-month subscription automatically renew after the free period? 

This offer is for a three-month subscription, with no obligation or ongoing commitment. And so, at the end of your three-month term, you will not need to cancel your subscription and it will not automatically renew.  

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