, Incredible Beauty and the Geek makeovers, Nzuchi Times

Incredible Beauty and the Geek makeovers

, Incredible Beauty and the Geek makeovers, Nzuchi Times

It was “mega makeover Sunday” on Beauty and the Geek this week, with four more Geeks – George, Lachie, James and Alex – undergoing their long-awaited makeovers.

Last week, Sam said goodbye to his trademark red afro and emerged from his makeover looking like a totally different person. And before that, scruffy Kiran underwent the season’s first makeover, to a rapturous reception.

Four more big makeovers below…


Let’s be honest, 27-year-old Dungeons and Dragons fan George was definitely on the “conventionally handsome man who hasn’t shaved in a while” end of the Geek spectrum. Still, the makeover’s pretty impressive:

His makeover also earned the episode’s biggest reactions, with George’s ‘Beauty’, Josie, looking like she was in need of urgent medical attention. “You look so good … you look hot. Is that you?” she asked.

George said he felt “completely different. Younger, and so confident.”


Motorsports nut Lachlan, 32, couldn’t hide his blushes when his new look was met with squeals from the beauties. “I can’t remember the last time I walked out to beautiful girls and got a reaction like that,” he said shyly.

Lachie’s mum usually buys his clothes – what would she think of the new outfit? “Probably not the sort of thing she would’ve bought me on her own, but I think she’ll approve.”


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“You were always handsome, but now you’re extra handsome,” said 25-year-old cosplay fanatic James’ beauty, Jess, after his reveal. The new look even earned him a comparison to Ryan Gosling from another of the Beauties.

James couldn’t believe it either, busting out a few dance moves when he first saw himself in the mirror. “I’m so happy with the look – hopefully it lets me be more confident,” he said.


There was some speculation from the Beauties about how the makeover would tackle Alex’s receding hairline – “I think they’re going to give him a wig,” whispered Aira. Thankfully, that was not the case – instead, the clippers came out for a fresh new look.

Alex made a surprisingly heartbreaking confession before he was allowed to look at himself in the mirror.

“In my life, I’ve only ever looked in the mirror and been deeply disappointed and regretful,” he revealed. “So I’m very nervous.”

And his verdict after seeing his new look? “It’s amazing. This feels good, guys! I feel like I’ve gone from old maths teacher to really cool substitute teacher.”

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