, ‘Never looked better’: $49 boob mask stuns, Nzuchi Times

‘Never looked better’: $49 boob mask stuns

, ‘Never looked better’: $49 boob mask stuns, Nzuchi Times

Summer bodies are made in winter, so the saying goes.

But no matter how hard I workout, one thing I can never improve is the appearance of cellulite.

I know it is a perfectly natural and healthy part of my body, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind if it was a little less… dimply.

Which was why when I spoke to a cosmetic nurse from Sydney who had created a range of skincare products to help diminish cellulite, I was keen to put it to the test.

Kirsty Bronner, from Sydney, launched The Booty Co last year and women have been raving about it online since.

One woman even shared her impressive before and after snaps, claiming two weeks of consistent use helped even out skin tone and smooth her skin.

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The brand’s Booty Lotion, $59, is one of a few skincare products not designed for your face that I’ve been putting through its paces recently.

Read on to get the lowdown on skincare for your face down and whether it lives up to the hype. While I was a little on the fence about these products (I mean, a boob mask?) I have to admit I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


Available at rawkanvas.com

Price: $69

Hands up who is guilty of indulging in an extensive regimen for their face, but fails to do give any self-care to the rest of their bodies? Yep, me too. My chest area has taken a bit of a knock from laziness in my earlier years, showing signs of sun damage and pigmentation that my face has mostly managed to avoid.

Keen to start looking after myself better, I decided to give Lustre, a go. It’s a delicate cream designed for the thinner skin on our neck, chest and décolletage, that is non-greasy, fast-absorbing and super hydrating. The light cream smells delicious and within a couple of weeks I noticed an improvement in the redness on my chest. I also saw those tiny pimples I sometimes get from sweating disappear which I was chuffed about. After spending a lifetime ignoring my chest area, this product has made it easy to look after and will definitely buy it again. It’s suitable for breastfeeding mums too.


Available at thebootyco.com

Price: $59

Before we begin, want to start with this: THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH CELLULITE. Our bodies come complete with adorable dimples and curves and I am totally here for that. For some people though, the lumpy effect of cellulite can be more visible than others, which can affect confidence. I am one of those people. I developed stretchmarks and cellulite on my thighs and ass aged 13 and no amount of squatting in the gym has ever rid me of it since. I’ve also tried quite a few “firming” lotions too, which also did little to help. So I’d kind of just accepted my thigh dimples were here to stay. Then I saw these before and after photos:

The snaps were enough to make me give bum firming creams another crack (pun intended) – and I’ve been surprised by the results. My thigh dimples are still there, but they’re noticeably reduced. The orange peel effect isn’t as deep, making my booty smoother too. My skin is also clearer. I have less blemishes and redness, the skin softer to touch. So while it hasn’t got rid of my cellulite for good (I’m not sure anything actually can) it has definitely improved the texture and appearance – and that is something I’m really happy about. The bubblegum smell also brings me a lot of joy everyday when I use it.


Available at Chemist Warehouse and boobytape.com

Price: $49.95

The brains behind the sticky tape that can replace your bra have recently released a range of skincare products for your boobs – but it is this clay mask that has everyone talking. This product appears to be adored by a string of influencers and as such, has been popping up all over my Insta-feed. But the cynic in me wasn’t game at first, asking: Do we really need ANOTHER place on our bodies to mask?

Well yes actually, turns out we do. Just like a pink clay mask for your face, this product draws out impurities in the skin without stripping it. After applying on my breasts and washing off 10 minutes later in the shower, I discovered it was something I should have done earlier. My skin instantly looked much brighter and felt firmer. But the best part was how soft the area was, it felt so smooth and silky. It even removed a pesky blackhead I’d not been able to get at too. My boobs have honestly never looked or felt better. Now I understand what all those bathroom selfies were in aid of.

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