, SuperCoach jury: How to navigate the run home, Nzuchi Times

SuperCoach jury: How to navigate the run home

, SuperCoach jury: How to navigate the run home, Nzuchi Times

The KFC SuperCoach jury consists of some of the sharpest minds in the game — with a host of top-100 and top-1000 finishes between them.

We’ve brought together four members of the jury for a ‘run home’ special to help you navigate what promises to be a crazy five weeks of KFC SuperCoach.

Check out how they’re using their limited trades, how much cover they have left and more below.


How many trades do you have left and how do you plan to use them?

@nacheers: I have pulled the trigger on my last 2 trades. I am playing for a couple of cash leagues now and I need the win so Kyle Langford and Lachie Whitfield had to go.

@BolchDylan:Four – one to trade out Dusty and then the other three to work on D6 and any other injuries that arise. Josh Kelly and Lachie Whitfield are two guys under an injury cloud who I might need to deal with.

@HoneyballAFL:Three left with $200k in bank. I’ve still got Trent Bianco/Jacob Koschitzke at D6, who I’ve been able to loop lately, but was planning on upgrading the higher-priced one soon. The other two trades were in case of injury, which has occurred with Dusty. I’m not a Josh Kelly owner — justifiably out of durability concerns — so may have dodged that bullet.

@Empr_X:Four. One is for downgrading Tom Highmore to Sam Durham or another rookie, one will be for trading Dusty Martin out. Another will be used to trade Zac Smith to my last premo, and the other is for injury coverage.


Are you ‘full premium?’ If not, what position do you still need to fill and which rookies are you playing?

@nacheers: Sadly, not this year. I have Kieren Briggs/James Madden/Trent Bianco rotating in D6.

@BolchDylan: D6 — Trent Bianco. I might trade Kelly for a defender and use DPP to field Lachie Bramble instead though.

@HoneyballAFL: Not quite with Bianco/Kozi rolling through D6. Also I’ve got the great survivor Tom Phillips at F6 and Cripps at M8, who are not premos in 2021. Sharp and Bramble covered Cripps pretty well in R18 though, so he may now be my M10! Ideally, I’d upgrade Phillips with one of those final trades if I avoid injuries.

@Empr_X: I still need to fill a premium spot in either midfield or defence, depending on what I do with Dusty this week.

What round should KFC SuperCoaches be planning to run out of trades? Should they go early or have one spare all the way to Round 23?

@nacheers: Depends on your situation. If you are high in the ranks and are wanting to keep climbing, I think you just have to pull the trigger and go for broke. If you are playing for leagues, I’d watch your match-ups and if you can hold then hold, because come finals having one up your sleeve may be very handy.

@BolchDylan: Such a tricky question and there’s no right answer. Cross your fingers and toes and hope you’ve got good enough cover. I’m always inclined to save one for a disaster.

@HoneyballAFL: There’s no exact answer to this, as ultimately it’ll come down to luck and your situation. But if you’re thinking about going early, you need to ensure you’ve some semblance of bench cover. Personally I’d be holding one trade until R21 and if it’s not required by then, pull the trigger. If you cop an injury or players get rested late, it’s not going to cost you too many points at that stage, assuming you’ve got cover, and the potential gain would likely outweigh that.

@Empr_X: At this point, try and hold onto your trades as long as possible. I’ve held Kyle Langford as he will be back in 2-3 weeks, so unless a player is injured for the season, hold them.

Who’s the premium you still don’t have but wish you did and why?

@nacheers: Touk Miller and the Bont are two that I don’t own and just continue to have great weeks! Touk probably more so than Bont, his report earlier in the season could cost him the Brownlow if he maintains this form until the end of the season.

@BolchDylan: Touk Miller, Darcy Parish and Josh Dunkley (when out of isolation) are a few of the names I wish I had but don’t. All three can go massive and are great assets in KFC SuperCoach.

@HoneyballAFL: Bont or Touk. Both have been super reliable this year.

@Empr_X: Jake Stringer. I wish I held him when he got injured — which was the week I traded him in at 325k. Look at him now, he’s flying.

How much bench cover do you have?

@nacheers: I have cover in my forwards and defence. My mids are little scarce Tanner Bruhn and Jai Newcombe were both in the 23 for Round 18 and Jack Ginnivan will debut this round.

@BolchDylan: Bianco/Nathan Murphy in defence, Bramble/Luke Edwards/Newcombe in midfield, Reeves in the ruck and Ginnivan in the forwards.

@HoneyballAFL: Adequate. Kozi/Bianco D6/7, Sharp/Bramble/Newcombe M9-11, Reeves R3, Treacy/Briggs F7/F8.

@Empr_X: Down back, a lot. Everywhere else? What is a bench?

What’s your ambition for the rest of the season?

@nacheers: My rank is shot and first time in years. I’m outside the top 1000 for the first time in three years, which is disappointing but I have loved watching some legends go so well this year (Go SuperCoach Mumma, currently ranked #1). I just want to make finals in my four cash leagues and be competitive in finals.

@BolchDylan: Would love to finish in the top 1000. I’m currently ranked 803 but so much can change between now and then. I’m also eyeing off some success in a cash league.

@HoneyballAFL: Keep climbing the rankings and make the top 5000. Poor early decisions meant I was back at 13,500th at Round 10 but am now just outside the top 5000, thanks to conserving trades early, planning & attacking the byes, and picking in-form players for the second half of season, like Sam Walsh. Plenty of luck in there too.

@Empr_X: I’m currently just outside the top 5 per cent so I’ll be hoping to crack into that.

What’s your top tip for other KFC SuperCoaches for the last five rounds?

@nacheers: It has been such a crazy season! We have a great KFC SuperCoach Twitter community so enjoy it, be nice, have fun and keep smiling though lockdown. We have had such a challenging year but KFC SuperCoach has been a great distraction.

@BolchDylan: Cross your fingers and hope — some things are out of our control now and you’ve just got to pray your team doesn’t get too badly affected. Enjoy the rest of the season!

@HoneyballAFL: When making trade selections, put more weight on the fixture and who sides score well against, particularly if you’re in a cash league and trying to win a Grand Final in R23.

@Empr_X: If you’re in contention for the $50k, I should be asking you for tips. Otherwise, go for broke in your leagues. If you aren’t first, you’re last. Trade in that risky forward like I did with Jack Darling and hope the risk pays off eventually — did somebody say Buddy?

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