, Travel news latest: Two-thirds of Britons to ignore Government advice on foreign holidays, Nzuchi Times

Travel news latest: Two-thirds of Britons to ignore Government advice on foreign holidays

, Travel news latest: Two-thirds of Britons to ignore Government advice on foreign holidays, Nzuchi Times

Two-thirds of Britons are planning trips abroad in the coming months despite Government advice, and will press ahead even if their destination doesn’t turn green, according to new research.

Nearly a quarter have already booked a holiday to an amber-listed country, found insights agency Perspectus Global. Thirty-nine per cent said they needed to get away for their own mental health, while 27 per cent said they were fully vaccinated and saw no reason not to go.

It means the majority of those polled are willing to self-isolate for up to ten days following their return, and take at least three tests in accordance with the Government’s traffic light system. 

Separate research for Project Screen by Prenetics indicated that at least 16 million Britons are contemplating a foreign holiday this year, regardless of warnings against non-essential travel.

It comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden will today pledge to restart air travel between their countries as world leaders gather in Cornwall seeking to get people flying again.

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France opens borders to vaccinated overseas tourists

After “a very bad year”, Paris tour operator Marc Vernhet sees a ray of light with the promised return of tourists from the United States and elsewhere who are welcome in France as of Wednesday if they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

His agency, 2CVParisTour.com, is starting to get bookings again from Americans for its sightseeing tours conducted in quirky, bug-eyed Citroen cars. June is still very lean, but July is looking better, Mr Vernhet said as France took the first steps toward rebuilding its position as a top destination for foreign tourists.

Before the pandemic, Mr Vernhet ran three or four tours of the capital per day. The work dried up when France locked down, and he’s only doing around three tours per week now, almost exclusively for French visitors. 

To be allowed in for tourism, Americans and other visitors from most countries outside of Europe will need to show that they have been fully inoculated against the coronavirus with vaccines approved by the European Union’s medicines agency.


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